Next Decade of Innovation in the Patient Experience:  Pricing Transparency

Pricing transparency has become law thus removing price as a differentiator and putting increased pressure on hospitals and medical groups to focus and invest on the patient experience. At the same time, the way we buy everything is changing. Anytime access to on-demand information is making us all more educated consumers. High-deductible health plans are forcing patients to be more prudent with their healthcare spend.
Organizations like Healthcare Blueblook are shining a light on pricing transparency in healthcare, equipping patients with the same pricing tools that have existed for years in other industries. When pricing transparency has entered other industries, it has put pressure on the experience.
People are willing to pay for quality, but you have to prove your outcomes. Is your experience prepared to handle the pressure that comes with pricing transparency?
Care Experience can help you shine a light on your quality care taking the pressure off of price. Please download our free eBook to learn more about Pricing Transparency in Healthcare and how it will effect your organization over the next decade.
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